Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Pictures of Love blog 11 'Freddie'

Our final guest blog for 'pictures of love' comes from Jon Curtis who is a VentureFX pioneer in Exeter, to take a look at what he is up to check out his website 

This is a picture of my little boy, Freddie. He's about 9 months old in this photo, enjoying his first ride in a trolley round Sainsburys. I've always existed as a busy person, maybe even super busy! I run from thing to thing always worried that I'm missing out on something else which I might not want to miss. Of course, the irony is, almost always, it would be perfectly fine to miss it. I thought that having children would be fine, but I hoped that things in my life wouldn't have to stop, because I couldn't bear to miss out on something potentially life changing.

When Freddie came along, suddenly, there was nowhere else that I would rather be. Not in a slushy kind of way, just that i realised that my most preferred place was wherever he was. Love is a funny thing, maybe the Greeks have got it right with four different words for love, but we just have one. So, I love Exeter City FC. I love the sunshine. I love getting a takeaway. And so to apply that word to Freddie seems far too belittling of the thing that I just cannot describe. But in the absence of Greek GCSE, we'll just have to stick with a real life-changer - love, for how I describe the feelings that I have for my son.

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