Monday, 28 May 2012

Pictures of Love blog 3 The Himalayas

As we continue looking at 'pictures of love' here is a guest blog by Rev Simon Sutciffe, to read about some of his work as a pionneer minister in the Methodist Church click 'here'. To read a bit more about pioneer ministry in the Methodist Church read 'here'

I recently went on a trip to India and spent 4 nights in a village called Leti in the Himalayas. Below is a poem I wrote about it. It’s a place that I have never been to before, but is now etched on my heart, and I pray, I will see again.

What can be said about four nights in Leti?
Some inadequate words about the place being pretty?
The snow-capped mountains or the dark roaming hills?
The haze of the sunshine or the noise of the snow?
Children singing and dancing or
The bright coloured shacks?
Griffins circling high above or
Cricket played on the plateau below?

But no word can carry the silence of this place
The ear thumping
Heart thumping
Of beauty

And in the end the only
Response that can be made
Is to be still
And be quiet;
Say nothing
Not a word.
Just sit and admire
The craft of our God.


  1. Alan Bainbridge29 May 2012 at 01:27

    What an awesome picture, praise the Lord for his wonderful works of nature.

  2. This really is a wonderful example of God's creation.We should take time to admire and praise His work which is all too often taken for granted! Praise God indeed!