Friday, 17 February 2012

Picture of love poem

Couples in Krakow lock padlocks to a bridge as a
symbol of unbreakable love 

Have a read of my poem which goes a little further with this idea of 'pictures of love'... eventually this will be able to be heard as an audio piece. 

‘Pictures of love’
Where and how do you see love?
Is it in the eye of the one you love?
Is it there as you chant for the team you love?
Is it seen in the beating of a heart?
Can you pick it up and throw it around?
Can you watch it from a distance?
Can you take a microscope and see inside it?
There are songs that are sung, words that are written
About this word, this metaphor, this slippery thing
That can’t be held down or hung on a hook
 So I’m scouring, looking under rocks and stones
Ripping up roots trying to discover just what it is
And what it does
And what it means.
For there are moments in life when love actually smacks us around the face
For love finds a way
So I picture this love in so many ways
It’s démodé in people that are great actors
But It’s not in the acting of love actually
But in the reality of a kind word said or deed that’s done
Or is it in the words of ‘I do’
Or a man that bled and died on a tree
A picture of love that’s held in a photo of something tangible, of something real
That’s not hidden or fake or fleeting like cake
There are pictures of love in many places
With many people
So take your eyes off the floor and look around
And see the pictures of love that are scattered around.
So maybe the pictures of love are obvious, you see.


  1. Wonderful , Wonderful piece !!!!!
    Interesting , as I was flipping through picture after picture - your poem was the only thing that caught my eye and the only substance I stumbled on It is ironic that you have to read something to get the Picture.
    Thanks for sharing :)

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